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#1 Ghost Tour - Self-Guided Tour on your PHONE.

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Over 50 haunted locations in the downtown Historic District of Savannah.

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For a comprehensive Listing and Guide of local business locations in Savannah, including RESTAURANTS, ATTRACTIONS, SHOPPING, and more, visit

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Savannah Gazzette - Jepson Art

Visit the Jepson Art Center

The Center offers art exhibits, displays, and fun activites for the whole family. There is also a wonderful gift shop and an excellent restaurant (both of which you can visit without having to pay admission), and Free Wi-Fi. See:

Savannah Gazette - Live Oak Library

Savannah's Live Oak Libraries are to be Enjoyed by Everyone

Visit any Savannah Public Library Location for the current list of events offered for the whole family at the many Library branches throughout the Savannah area. For more, see:

Savannah Gazzette - Live Oak Library

Forsyth Farmers Market on Saturdays

Find fresh locally-grown veggies at the South end of Forsyth Park (near East Park Ave) - 9 AM-1 PM Most Saturdays. See:

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The News Buzz

Short Term Vacation Rentals are Good for All

Thirteen (13) million visitors annually bring $3 BILLION dollars into Savannah's economy.
Contemporary Savannah is now 'Architecturally Sound' because of STVR. It is now a trove of antique architecture along the tree-shaded streets and squares planned by James Edward Oglethorpe, the city's founder. It is now a true reflection of the preservation efforts of 1400 STVR property owners that over the past three year recovered Savannah. The other major factor is SCAD who impeccably recovered 73 'white elephant' buildings at their own expense. This recovery of the Historic Districts and the influx of 3 billion dollars into the economy would never have happened any other way. Everyone benefits because of the STVR owners' investments.

In Savannah, STVRs, Executive Rentals, and Home Stays are 1400 Independent, Small Businesses.

  • They recovered, restored or at least greatly improved at least 60% of the residential properties in the historic district.

  • Because of them Savannah is now architecturally sound.

  • They maintain the STVR residential properties to a much higher standard of maintenance, compared to all other residential residences that are only owner occupied and/or buildings that the owners use as a long term rental property business. The only other historic homes that are kept as well as the STVR's properties are other professional businesses: doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountants, small businesses like the Mate Factor, and the properties that are B&B's.

  • They pay a tax that is imposed upon them to 'apply' for STVR business status, and an additional ongoing annual fee to maintain legal STVR status.

  • They pay the regular properties tax everyone pays for residential property, PLUS they also pay the City an imposed tax of 6% on all dollars generated from allowing tourists to stay in their home. This is in addition to the 7% tax the State imposes on them.

  • STVR business is a self-policing business. They continue in business because of good reviews by renters who leave happy. Good reviews assure other new renters that the business is what was represented to them, and what they expected.

  • STVR’s have created thousands of new opportunities, and jobs for other local businesses, and are 4% of all of Savannah's hospitality dollars. And they support many millions of dollars coming into the local economy, which is money that helps to offset the taxes paid by their neighbors.

Savannah Media

Savannah Now - Savannah Morning News - The Local daily newspaper.

The Savannah Tribune - The local weekly newspaper.

Connect Savannah - A weekly artistic-oriented publication of local area happenings.

Do Savannah - A weekly guide to local entertainment, events, and more.

Savannah Local Government

Savannah GA - Local government information and services.

Be Sure to See these Savannah Landmarks

Savannah Gazette - James Oglethorpe
Savannah's Founder, Gen. James Oglethorpe (Chippewa Square)
Savannah Gazette - Forsyth Fountain
Savannah's Crown Jewel - Majestic Fountain in Forsyth Park
Savannah Gazette - Johnny Mercer
Johnny Mercer statue (Ellis Square)
Savannah Gazette - Forsyth Fountain
The Waving Girl (Morrell Park)

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